Captain Klobasa – relacja z meczu FC AQUILA 3:3 Chemik II

07 listopada 2020 roku w meczu ligowym A-Klasy nasi seniorzy podejmowali u siebie Chemik II Police. Na meczu był obecny obserwator, koneser i blogger rozgrywek piłkarskich – Captain Klobasa, który zrelacjonował nasze spotkanie. Dziękujemy za odwiedziny i zapraszamy ponownie !

116/2020: 07.11.: FC Aquila Szczecin vs. KP Chemist II Police 3:3
Poland, 7. league, 16 spectators (official 0 guest)
No more football in Germany, so alternatives had to come. And they were in neighboring Poland. Silly that all sporting events held there are closed to the public. But instead of not watching football at all, you as a Hopper try everything, so that I not only rolled out the bottom game plans of the Lubuskie and Zachodniopomorskie voivodeships, but also checked via Google Maps and stadium photos on the Internet, whether each of them also outside a view of the entire pitch would be ensured. At this point, the groundhopping police will certainly listen for the first time, but in such a case I would make peace with it if I could fully follow the game. Because it’s better than not to consume football at all. In addition, I also know the Poles quite well by now and know that they are masters at making rules and laws fit and very generously interpret them so that my hope was not even so low that I have the targeted games of inside the sports area would be able to track.
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